Berkshire Pork

We take pride in our high quality, Purebred Berkshire Pork. These hogs are born and raised on our farm by our family.

Our pork is sold on a whole or half hog basis:

  • Availability: Late summer to early winter. We take reservations at any time, although the best time to call is November to January!
  • If you are interested in a lesser amount, we would be willing to discuss other options, such as: quarters, bundles, or specific cuts. These smaller options are available throughout the year.
  • Whole & Half Hogs

$3/pound hanging weight (after the animal is eviscerated)
+ Plus processing fees (paid directly too processor)
– Minus the deposit taken at reservation

• $165/whole
• $85/half
• Deposits are non-refundable

  • Smaller options (quarters, bundles or specific cuts) are priced by the package and run $4/lb and up, depending on the cut.

• Contact us for current package prices – we may have some on sale!

  • We will deliver for free in the Topeka area and could deliver further for an additional fee.
  • All of our pork is processed at local butchers that are state & federally inspected.

Pounds break down:

  • We finish our hogs around 250-300lbs live weight

= About 180-200lbs hanging weight (what you pay)
= About 130-155lbs boneless packaged pork (depending on options)
= About $540-$600 whole hog ($375-$450 half)

  • 20lbs of meat (depending on cut) often fits in 1 cubic foot (a milk crate)

The breakdown of purchasing a Wittkop Family Farm Whole/half hog:

  • Customer places deposit
  • Pigs grow & we inform customer of harvesting date
  • Take hogs to processor
  • We receive hanging weight from processor, figure total hog cost, & send invoice to customer (minus the deposit).
  • Inform customer to call processor to place their order (how they would like their hog cuts, curing, & flavors).
  • Wait a couple weeks (depending on cures).
  • Customer picks up pork from processor (unless we have worked out delivery) & pays processor.

Ready to Buy?

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